Many people try to quit smoking 8-11 times before they are successful for good. Slipping and having a cigarette does not mean that you failed. Instead, this slip-up provides you the opportunity to plan for unexpected triggers or to give you insights into what quit aids and support work for you.

Top 3 Triggers:

  1. When other people smoke around you:
  2. When drinking alcohol:
  3. When dealing with stressful or emotional situations:

Weight gain is another common challenge. On average, people can gain up to 10 pounds when they quit. However, some have no weight change at all, or might even lose weight.

To avoid gaining weight:

  • Go for short walks daily – try this when you have a craving.
  • Drink water often.
  • Eat only when you are hungry, keep healthy snacks readily available or chew gum.
  • Choose healthy snacks and make meals interesting by trying out different foods. You’ll notice your taste buds starting to come back!
  • Above all, be patient with yourself. Reward small victories! Everything counts!


Choose Health LA

For help with staying quit, weight gain, eating healthy, staying active.

California Smokers’ Helpline 1-800-NO-BUTTS

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Provides smokefree applications, texting programs, online chats with an expert, and building your quit plan.